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Composing/Arranging /Orchestrating
SF AudioProduction Team writes the music that you are looking for, able to create specific sound which you are looking for your musical needs. We compose, arrange and orchestrate for any kind of audio - visual contest: from simple 3 - chord song to films, documentaries, video games and multimedia shows.


 Full Music Production                                     
Let us turn your musical vision into Reality!
Just send us your simple demo mp3 ( voice/guitar or piano will do just fine) with details describing your wishes and we will take from there. Depending on your needs, from full song in-house production, adding live strings/horns, creating symphonic orchestra layers or even recording up to 90 piece orchestra, SF Production provides professional quality, radio-play ready, products and highest level of customer service.



 Live Sessions Online
1. Jazz  improvisation lessons

2. Harmonization/re-harmonization  instructional sessions

3. Piano arrangements, LH embalishment 

An amazing opportunity to have a live individual instruction sessions with Stan Fomin regardless of your location! Customized personal 1x1 session via Skype. Please contact Stan to schedule your Skype date and time.



" I can help you on the road to success, and take the struggle out of learning/recording/producing by being a mentor you can count on without ever having to leave your home"


Stan Fomin

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